Connecting Souls - Company Message

17 May, 2020

Hello Beautiful Souls, 

I haven't completely disappeared. I've been deep into research and development of frequency based products that create profound shifts. It's all about providing accelerated transformation. My favorite is Liberation from Fear and it basically removes all fear from the energetic field that is remnant of historical trauma and imprinting. It clears triggers and old scripts but leaves the natural ability to experience appropriate survival fear if necessary. Other creations are Transmuting Envy, Shadow Self, Separation, Decisive, Manifesting, Tenderness, Better Boundaries, Wake Up Call, Humility and many more. All of them were created because I personally needed to do the work and clear blocks in myself and there will be more work and new products. As you may know there has been limited opportunities to purchase anything I create and even less access to me personally. Since my cancer diagnosis it has been one intense evolution after the other. I have no promises about tomorrow but I hope it includes sharing beyond these ones and zeros.

Much love, 


About Merrily

In 1999, during the birth, life and death of my son, event after event was met with profound spiritual grace. This experience left me with the unquestionable affirmation of the power and pure love of an energy and wisdom beyond our tangible everyday life.
After his death I felt his gentle presence next to me each night. I considered that this was just my overwhelming need as a mother to hold and be close to my lost child... just a part of grieving. That changed as events unfolded that went far beyond coincidence or chance. Experiences too in-depth to share here expanded my world from the concrete physical to an expansive invisible world all around me. That was the beginning of my journey. A journey that led me around the world to gather training and experience, to ask hard questions and be open to a world beyond my sight. That journey has brought me here, bridging these two worlds. Stepping forward each day... into love... into light...
"You are the bravest person you know. 

I know, you don't believe me... 

Whether you are soaring over mountains or buried in a hole. You are the bravest person you know.

No one can completely understand what it's taken for you to get to this moment in life...
but your courage is just that, yours.

Powerful, amazing, patient...
You are heroic."

"I love authentic people.
I love people who do not craft their words to their best advantage but let their words spill from their lips and their heart.

Full of ums, ahs and searching eyes
or racing and fumbling with the urgency of a story to share.

When they speak I can see right into their eyes and down to their soul and I know them. 

These people are gorgeous and fallible and perfectly human and I can't help falling in love with their hearts every time."
I don't read minds,
I read frequency, energy, vibration... 

Everything is energetically imprinted with multiple characteristics, like fingerprints.

People inadvertently give off residual energy to their names, objects, even other people and these imprints and frequencies can be read.

They can be seen, heard, felt...

Information such as, personality, feelings, illness, motives, mannerisms, barriers and probabilities can be observe from the surface mask to the depth of what lies within.

Imagine threads on a multi-dimensional web, You can interact and move with these frequencies following them backwards as time folds to connect to a specific place, origin of a behavior or event. And forward, fish-boning probabilities to the most likely futures
These vibrations are malleable and you can introduce ideas, shift and work with the energy to see how and where it opens and closes to clear and remove barriers.

You can connect individuals together and read them, 
similar to musical instruments resonating, there is a infinite complimenting and contrasting combinations.

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