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Feeding Your Soul - Yummy stuff

Alive and kicking

Hello beautiful souls!

I have come out the other side of cancer treatment having cleared out and transformed all kinds of old patterns and crude. A true spiritual journey. I still have a few medical things to sort but I wanted to stop in and thank you all for continuing to visit and share this site. I hope to be shaking up my life this coming year with many new adventures. Looking for fellow tribe mates to collaborate with and ways to give you more direct access to me. Also searching for a base camp in the US to begin to expand workshops to North Americca and Europe.

I hope this message finds you well. I'd love to hear from you.

Much love,


A Necessary Break

Merrily is currently undergoing chemotherapy followed by radiation to treat breast cancer. She will be taking a break from most work through to October of this year. She will do some updates on her Facebook page. She sends heaps of love to you all. 

Oh so Raw

For those who have dined with me you know my history is full of caffeine, sugar, butter, bread and bacon grease. But since gluten has betrayed me and dairy has forsaken me, I've actually started to be drawn to raw food.

Really, I know, seriously... 

All of these recipes floating around facebook of rich decadent raw chocolate cakes, raw organic "cheese"cakes etc. So I'm thinking I can have my cake and eat it too. God bless the gourmand that demanded some guilty pleasure scatter amongst the lettuce and celery.

So I've gathered ingredients and dipped my fingers into the raw and naked side of food. Blindfolded and swinging a Magic Bullet I have actually concocted two yummy and (shockingly) tummy filling creations.

(In my mind tiny vegetarians are giving me a standing ovation.)

So here they are 

The shredded carrot, chopped sun dried cherry, ground raw cashew and ginger salad
The banana, raw cashew, oat, coconut oil, Manuka honey, soy milk smoothie*

I considered thinking of sassy shorter monikers for these two but I though everyone else would have more fun naming them. So please throw about some funky fun recipe names. (I really wanted to follow that sentence with FOOD FIGHT! but that would be cheesy, raw cheesy of course)

The measurements are precise and calculated to the .00001 of something. They consist of spoonfuls & handfuls and tweaking & tasting. Not sure what's next on my list of raw recipes to try, but I open to suggestions.

 So my future is appearing gorgeously raw. Looking forward to the day I can choose from a variety of raw food restaurants and no one will have to slave over a hot stove.

*My soy milk was not raw but I hear you can get some if you know someone who knows someone.
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